What your holiday can entail

Open your eyes to some of the most raw & remote locations on Earth. Surfing reef breaks, spearing, free diving, exploring traditional villages, catching and cooking what you eat, enjoying local cook-ups and fully immersing into the wild! There is nothing “touristy” about this trip- that’s not what we are about.

You can choose the pace of your days. Brett will make suggestions for each day based on weather and sea conditions, but this holiday is your control. Pack in as much adventure as you’d like, or take a more relaxed approach. 

Things to Do:

  • Exploring waterfalls, caves & swimming holes
  • Snorkelling, spearfishing and free-diving
  • Surf the private surf break
  • Traditional feasts and  interaction with local villages
  • Land based and deep sea ocean fishing
  • Land based hunting- and we always cook what we catch!
  • Evening Kava Ceremonies
  • Kite surfing (BYO Equipment)
  • Wakeboarding and skurfing
  • Active volcano hike
  • Observe the Turtle hatching (seasonal)
  • Exploring traditional villages and ceremonies
  • Night diving for lobsters

Exciting Off-Island Adventures and Their Associated Costs


Spearfishing/fishing Charters:

  • Duration: Full-day or half-day tours
  • Maximum group size: 6 guests
  • Cost: $690 for full-day trip; $350 for half-day trip

Sunset Game Fishing/Spearfishing:

  • Duration: 2-hour tour
  • Maximum group size: 6 guests
  • Cost: $250 per trip

Vanua Lava Waterfall Tour:

  • Duration: Half-day tour
  • Cost: $90 per adult for 2-3 guests; $75 per adult for 4 or more guests; $50 per child

Vanua Lava Waterfalls, Fishing, and Snorkelling:

  • Duration: Full-day tour
  • Cost: $150 per adult for 2-3 guests; $120 per adult for 4 or more guests; $80 per child

Mota Island Cultural Experience and Dance Ceremony:

  • Duration: Half-day tour
  • Group size: Minimum 4 adults
  • Cost: $95 per adult guest; $50 per child

Volcano Hike:

  • Duration: 3/4 day tour
  • Cost: $120 per adult for 2-3 guests; $95 per adult for 4 or more guests

Turtle Tagging Experience:

  • Duration: 2-3 hour tour
  • Suitability: Family friendly; includes snorkelling on the reef
  • Cost: $50 per adult for 2 or more guests; $25 per child

    Rah Island adventure:

    • Duration: 1/2 day
    • Maximum group size: 6 guests
    • Cost: $75 per adult; $50 per child

      Visitor Log

      “Bretto, mate you’ve gone above and beyond to make this truly an amazing experience! Life is about timing and the stars aligned for us to share this unique slice of paradise with likeminded people and be part of something very special. Cheers mate, Strick”

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