Kwakea Island

Get Amongst It! 

Ultimate Island Adventure

Get amongst the adventure Kwakea Island has to offer! Spend Six days with us for an all inclusive holiday packed with as many activities as you’d like. Spearfish for doggies, hunt for pigs, fish for GTs straight off the beach, snorkel the fringing reefs or just sit back and relax.

A short 50 minute flight from Santo Pekoa airport your host Brett and the Kwakea crew will be waiting for ya, so book your trip today! 

All Inclusive Holiday

You choose the level of intensity you’d like for your holiday and we will make it happen, and all included in the cost. Your stay at Kwakea Island includes accommodaiton, all meals and activities.

Cultural Experience

Get amongst the local culture and immerse yourself in traditional customs, food and language. Staying at Kwakea Island will be one of the most authentic cultural experiences you will experience. There’s nothing touristy about our trips! 

Visitor Log

“Our trip to Kwakea Island was truly one of a kind, we were in awe of the surroundings as soon as we flew over the island and it only got better from there. Brett is an exceptional host catering for all our needs and desires, including making our engagement extra special. Thank you so much!”

Dan & Jodie, Brisbane, Australia

Latest News

We were stoked to have the lads from Back 2 Basics Adventures join us for a week to experience what Kwakea Island has to offer. Check out the short eposides the boys have put together from their stay. Check out more information about what they do at Thanks guys!

Back2Basics – Episode 1

Vanuatu, in the heart of the remote, rugged and beautiful South Pacific Islands. Part 1, we arrive and waste no time into fitting as much as we can into the day from collecting wild fowl eggs, fending off sharks from Dogtooth Tuna to drinking Kava with the locals.

Back2Basics – Episode 2

“Being “welcomed” onto a remote island in Northern Vanuatu. A greeting party like nothing we have ever seen- this is about as wild as it gets. It’s these moments in life that really change your perception on how to see the world- raw, exhilarating, humbling”

Back2Basics – Episode 3

Strap yaself in for this episode as we head out bluewater spearfishing and a fair bit of wild stuff goes down… shark frenzies, big fish and hunting with shotguns back on the mainland.

Get Amongst It!

Whether you are a couple, solo traveler, family or group, we have the adventure right for you.


If you have any questions or you’d like to chat about customised options for your stay with us just reach out to Brett via the deatils or contact form below.

Phone:  0434226582 (Australia) or +61434226582 if calling from overseas

Email:   [email protected]


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